In Memory Our dogs from the past.
Robin 3 years. Robin as BIS Veteran.

Nord.CH Sobers Santaro, breeder Astrid Jonsson and Bitte Ahrens.
Robin was born 1993-07-03.

Trazzel 2 years.

SuCH, DkCH Jelistaz Elchimsky of Tashja. Breeder Susanna Holmberg and Stefan Söderberg
Trazzel was born 1993-03-13.

Queenie 6 years.

SuCH Skyings Diamondqueen was from our first litter born 1987-07-01 and mother of our C-litter.

Olinne, 3 years Olinne in the Group in Skara!
SuCH, DkCH Bakara's Olinne, import from France. Born 1998-07-14. Breeder Cecile Duflos, knl Bakara´s.

photo: Åsa Lindholm Angie in Denmark, Photo Marie Frisen.

Angie in the Group at Kennelclubshow in Stockholm, handler Linda Frisen, Photo: Lillemor Böös

Int.CH, Nord.CH Windrock Angeleyes of Skyings, breeder Kim and Colin Fritzler USA, born 11.11.2000 had to go ower the rainbowbridge 19.01.2208 suddenly, with a brain-tumour. Proud mother of our E and F litters.

Caddie as veteran at Crufts ! Caddie in Helsingborg with handler Marc Linner!

Caddie BIS at the Greyhoundclub at Tammsvik!Caddie and Phipps playing, spring 2009.

Caddie BIS at the Kennelclubshow in Stockholm!

Int. Ch, Nord. CH Sobers Cadiac went over the rainbowbridge in the end of september 2009, Breeders Astrid Jonsson and Bitte Ahrens.

many breeders used him in their breedingprogram and he is father to our E and F litters. Caddie was born 20.02.1998.