Fionn Clann Phipps at Skyings Fionn Clann Phipps at Skyings
In the begining of July 2008 our Phipps at last arrived from Estland kennel Estet Clasic where Phipps had stayed until his Rabiesvacc. was ok. Phipps is born in Moscow at kennel Fionn Clann, breeder Ekatherina, he is born 05.12.2007.
Phipps 17 months old.
Phipps 11 weeks.

Phipps BOB-puppy in Nyköping, handler Marie Frizen.
8½ months old.
photo: Inger Johansson.
Phipps first litter, mother is Ch. Azravis Midsummer Dream born 01.04.2009.