The Ferrari-Litter was born the 20,7,2006 and it is a repeat of the Eagle-Litter with Sobers Cadiac as father and Windrock Angeleyes as mother.

Isa, aug.2007
Isa, february 2007.
Skyings Ferrari Berlinetta, bluebrindle girl. Stay at home.
Skyings Ferrari Rosso was best yungster at SVGK show in Mariefred 2007 with his owner Britt Löfquist.
Rosso in Bosjökloster SVVK,may 2008, winning BOB.

Skyings Ferrari Modena, redbrindle girl moved to Tatiana Polyukhova and family in Moscow.

Skyings Ferrari on Dreaming Ocean, bluebrindle boy had his home with Camilla Ritzman and family, Kennel Dreaming Ocean.
Morritz 8 months

Skyings Ferrari Bertone, bluebrindle boy has moved to Gea Elvingson in Uppsala, Sweden.
Tom Tom, 9½ month.BIS breaders-group with Bertone Excalibur, Enzo and Ewe. Judge Roberto Posa..Bertone BOB and Ewe BOS, judge Age Gjetnes.

Sv.junV-06 Skyings Ferrari Enzo, bluebrindle boy lives with Petronella Thunblom and his big sister SUCH.NoCH.Skyings Eagle Eyed Edhie and Whippets at kennel Quidditch.
Enzo 10 months.