News !!

25.03.2010 Our Phipps is now Swedish Champion!!
23.12.2009, the litter at kennel Dreaming Ocean after Fionn Clann Phipps at Skyings and Sobers Jambalaya has moved to their new homes, we wish them Good Luck!
02.04.2009, Puppies born at kennel Azravi's! 9 bitches in colours red, brindle, white, white and red, bluebrindle and 5 males in colours red, brindle and fawn.
07.02.2009, Phipps has been on a tripp to Norway and visit Nord.CH Azravi's Midsummer Night Dream (Chevy) a Cadiac daughter and we hope for puppies around 02.04.2009.
19.01.2009, Excalibur has visit Sobers Jambalaya and we hope for puppies in the end of mars!
04.01.2009, On the My Dog show/SVVK was SuCH, DkCH Skyings Eagle eyed Ewe BOB, judge mrs. Birgit Wamberg, Denmark.
22.11.2008, In Hamar Norway was Showline Sporting Step BOS with CACIB, CAC and NoV-08, congratulation Knut and Sara!
20.11.2008, More puppynews! Kennel Happy Hunter got three puppies, one girl and three boys all darkbrindle, all over 500gr, Katy and Calle is proud parents!
30.10.2008,today we got the news from Talinn, Kennel Estet Classic Valey Lexus has got a malepuppy a big boy 600 gr, brindle, Lexus and Calle is proud parents!
Newborn Estet Classic Only You! with mom Lexus.
19.10.2008, at the Sighthoundshow in Skogås our Phipps was best male-2 with CC and BOB-Junior and ended up as BIS-Junior. Best male-3 was Britt with Skyings Ferrari Rosso, Showline Sporting Joy at Skyings was best bitch-4, judge in the breed Stephen Wheeler and BIS-Jun. judge mr. Tomasz Borkowski, Polen.
18.10.2008, We got telephone with good news from Gremany! Excalibur is going to be daddy at Kennel Happy Hunters!!
9.10.2008, We have recived the good news from Estonia, Estet Classic Valey Lexus is waiting puppies with our Skyings Excalibur in the beginning of november.

World jun.winner 2006,EUR JW-06, Balt.JW-06 Pl. JW-06, Est.CH, Fin.CH, Rus.CH, LV CH, BLR junCH, IntCH, SBIS. Estet Classic Valey Lexus.
4.10.2008, In Kongsvinger, Norway was Skyings Ferrari Enzo and got his CAC and CACIB and is now Norwegian Champion, his "older" sister Skyings Eagle Eyed Ewe was best bitch-3, what a weekend!!
3.10.2008, at Euro-Winner show in Budapest we are proud to congratulate Bitte and Pieri and CH Skyings Eagle Eyed Eila at Sobers to BOB and title EuroWinner 2008! EurojuniorWinner 2008 is the young Excaliburson Showline Sporting Trophy at Sobers!
14.09.2008, from Italy we got the news about "Joyce" Skyings Eagle Eyed Eila she was BOB and Group-2 at the It. Kenneclubb intern. show in Campobasso, breedjudge was mr. Bezzechi, Italy and group judge mr.Tabo, Italy. Congratulations Bitte and Pieri!
14.09.2008, At the Kennelklubbshow in Sofiero, Helsingborg, Excalibur repeat the saturdayresult and was BOB and Group-5,Fionn Clann Phipps at Skyings was best male-3 with CC (9 months and one week!)

photo:Mats Olsson
BOS was our Sobers Jambalaya and Best Bitch- 2 with CC was Showline Sporting Joy at Skyings and Skyings Eagle Eyed Ewe as Best Bitch-3,judge Mr. Jean-Luis Grunheid, France.
photo:Mats Olsson.
The best bitch-class. What a weekend!

13.08.2008, at SVVK show in Laröd, Helsingborg we was very happy with Excalibur as BOB and his daughter Showline Sporting Joy at Skyings (just 15 months) as BOS and BIS-2 junior.Our "baby" Fionn Clann Phipps made his debute in official class as Best male-3! Camilla and Sobers Jambalaya ended up Best Bitch-2, and Alexandra and Skyings Eagle Eyed Ewe was Best Bitch-4! Judge mrs. Marie C. Dellabelle Belgien.
Jambalaya and Camilla in Laröd 2008!
Ewe and Alexandra in Laröd 2008!
Photos: Inger Johansson.

6.9.2008, We got a NEW CHAMPION today, Skyings Ferrari Bertone got his last CC, best male and BOS at SVVK-show in Högbo Bruk! Judge was mrs Christina Roséen Lundström, Sweden. CONGRATULATIONS owner Gea and "handler"Karin !
30.8.2008, Phipps was at his first puppy-show alone with "mom", it was very exciting, he was playing with both small and big dogs, with long coat and no coat at all!He was BOB and Group-1, but at Best in Show his patience was over!! just want to run and play, it was a realy long day and he was so nice all the time, he was sleeping like a baby on the way home.The show was hold by Norbergs Kennelklubb, judge was mrs. Elisabeth Spillman.
17.8.2008, the next day in Norrköping a totaly wet show! rain, rain, rain Phipps was again BOB-puppy,Excalibur best male-3, Randie best bitch-4, judge mr.John Wauben, Nederlands.
Phipps in the puppy BIS-lineup in Nyköping!
16.8.2008,In Nyköping our red boy did hid debut in the showring,8 months old. Fionn Clann Phipps was BOB-puppy,Puppy judge was Mrs. Birgitta Hasselgren, Sweden. Excalibur was best male-2, and Randie was best bitch-3 with CC, judge was mr. David Miller, USA.
9.8.2008, Our "babygirl"Showline Sporting Joy At Skyings got her first BOB and CC today at Int. SKK Show in Askersund only 14 months old, her father Excalibur was BOS! Judge mr. Rudi Brandt, Denmark.
Calle and Randie in Askersund.
Photo:Stefan Lindström
27.7.2008, at the Ransäter show Ewe proved she has matured and was best bitch-1 and BOS!Judge was Ms. Björg Foss, Norge.
19.7.2008, at the SKK show in Köping was Excalibur again BOB and Randie best bitch-2, judge was mr. Gerry Hickey, Irland. Our Red Russian-boy Phipps (Philip)has settle in just fine and was companion at the show and he loved every minute with people and dogs
Tess Franzen and Excalibur in Västerås!
Photo: Dick Frisenholt

13.7.2008, at the Swed. Greyhoundclubshow it was Excalibur at Best dog-4, we got Price of hohour on the breedersgroup both days, and again was Randie in the topwinning Showlinegroups, congratulations Cecilie and Knut!

12.7.2008, at the Sighthound-summershow in Västerås Ewe was the highlight! Best bitch-4!Judge mr. Gilberto Grandi, Italy.

5.7.2008, at the world dog show in Stockholm was my dogs exelent handled by Tess Franzen, USA, and all three, Excalibur, Berlinetta and young Sporting Joy got Exelent and the breedersgroup got a Price of honour,(Randie was in the winning Showlinegroup!) Thank You Tess for all help this two weekends to show my dogs!

29.6.2008, at the SKK show in Borås our Maya was Best-bitch-3, judge was mr. Roger Hartinger, USA.

18.6.2008, we knew when the boat is coming with Philip, we count the days!
Philip swimming in the sea!

15.6.2008,today Enzo had succes to be BOB with CACIB in Avesta int. show Excalibur was best male-2 and young "Randie was best bitch-2 !

14.6.2008, today at the Sighthoundshow in Vårgårda Ewe and Alexandra was best-bitch and BOS, our Jambalaya and Camilla was best-bitch 2, young Enzo and Petronella was best-male 2. Well Done girls!

25.5.2008, Gea and Bertone continue to Sunsvall SKK-show and was BOB again and also Group-4
Bertone and Excalibur in the ring.

24.5.2008, Skyings Ferrari Bertone was at SKK-show in Österbybruk with his new owner Gea Elvingson and they did great! BOB and CAC, our"baby" Showline Sporting Joy at Skyings was best-bitch-2 and got her first CAC!
The same day in Bosjökloster at a Sighthoundshow Britt Skyings Ferrari Rosso also was BOB with CAC and BIS-4 proud owner Britt Löfqvist, Skyings Eagle Eyed Ewe was BOS with owner Alexandra Malmgren.

18.5.2008, at the Hässlholmshow today Ewe and Alexandra had a successful day, Ewe was BOB !!!Judge was mr. Gunnar Nyman Denmark.Congratulations girls!

11.5.2008, today at SKK nat. show in Larv our Sobers Jambalaya was BOB exelent handled by Camilla.Judge was Monika Wall, Sweden.

4.5.2008 after the show in Västerås we went to Denmark and DKKshow in Hilleröd Petronella, Enzo and myself, on sunday Enzo got his CC for Danish Champion! Judge mr. Frank Kane GB.
Enzo running for DK-Champion!

3.5.2008,At the Swed. Greyhoundclubbshow in Västerås with Gun Welander as judge we had a nice day, Excalibur was BOS (Epic Epic was BOB) and young Enzo Best male 4 and our "baby" Showline Sporting Joy at Skyings (Randie) 11 months old was Best bitch 5.
BOS and BOB with judge Gun Welander.

20.4.2008, What a weekend! Berlinetta (Isa) and Enzo is now Swedish Champions! They had their last CC at the show in Västerås, judge was mr. Salvatore Tripoli, Italy. Our Excalibur ended BOB! and our breedergroup was the best greyhoundgroup, Jambalaya was best bitch-2. Thank you Petronella, Camilla and Britt for all help this weekend!

Calle+Rosso+Enzo and Isa!

27.01.2008,at the Örebro Kenneklubbshow for puppies our young Ferrari Rosso was BOB and group 4 and in the puppyclass my Showline Sporting Step at S. (Randie) was BOB-puppy and group 3 judge was mrs. Christina Roseen-Lundström.

05.01.2008, Our young Sobers Jambalaya was best bitch and got the CC for champion today in Gothenburg, she was also Swed. Winner 2008!Shown by Camilla Ritzman.

16.12.2007, At the Nordic winner-show Skyings Ferrari Enzo got the CC and ended up best male-3 before Skyings Excalibur as best male-4, judge Nina Karlsdotter!

20.11.2007, Excaliburs International Championtitle is confirmed by the FCI !!

19.11.2007, We congratulate Ewes best friend (german shepard)Haska and Joakim to polisdog in duty, Good Luck!

03.11.2007, Today at Kenneclubshow in Växjö our Berlinetta (Isa) got the CC and ended up as best bitch-2 and Eagle Eyed Edhie (Fanny) ended up as best bitch-3, Berlinetta, Excalibur and Ewe
Photo: Elisabet Jonsson

14.10.2007, What a day we had!! Ferrari Enzo as BOB and CC, Ferrari Berlinetta as BOS and CC, BIS-2 prodgenygroup with mother Windrock Angeleyes and BIS-5 with our breedergroup inclouding Berlinetta, Ewe, Enzo and Excalibur. It was 19 Greyhounds etered at Swed. Sighthoundclub show in Enköping and judge was Mrs. Ann Cuthbert, Irland.

06.10.2007, nu är vi tillbaks och kan koppla upp oss igen! Tack och lov för snäll måg (Dick)som kopplat in min Lap-Top, vad krångligt när man inte har tillgång till internet, en vecka räckte, för det är nu en vecka sedan flyttlasset gick och nu börjar möblerna vara på rätt plats lampor uppe och idag sista gardinerna, inga fönster har samma mått som i förra huset. Hundarna trivs (om vi ännu bara har en mindre rasthage inhägnad, de två fälten blir inte klart inhägnade förrän till våren, några tusen kvadrat till blir ev. klart nästa helg) katten Lilleman har också funnit sig mkt. väl tillrätta och tycker nog vi kunde ha fixat en kattlucka åt honom för länge sedan, han är mkt kärvänlig mot hundarna precis som han säger-vi är här tillsammans allt är ok, nu är det bara att tömma det sista ur gamla huset (är mycket efter 37 år) samt städningen, ungdomarna som köpt vårt hus i Tortuna vill hellst flytta in igår!

08.09.2007, Skyings Ferrari Enzo was BOB in Helsinborg and Skyings Eagle Eyed Ewe was BOS, judge was mr. Ray Lindholm, Sweden.

26.08.2007, at SKKs show in Stockholm/Stäket our young Skyings Ferrari Berlinetta was BOS and had her second CC, her litterbrother Ferrari Enzo ended up as Best male-4. Judge was mrs. Barbara Ruth Smith.

29.07.2007, At SVVK show in Mariefred our young Sobers Jambalaya tok her second CC and was second best bitch after the BIS winning Sobers Galathea, Maya was all handled by Camilla.
photo:Inger Johansson

17.06.2007, In Denmark Alexandra and Eagle Eyed Ewe was BOB with CC and CACIB for Mrs. Dagmar Kenis-Pordham, England. Congatulations girls!

16.06.2007, Again Excalibur was BOB and Enzo Best male 2 and 6th CC!Jambalaya at her first show BOS and CC! Berlinetta was Best bitch-3 and Eagle Eyed Edhie was Best bitch-5, the Prodgenygroup with mother Windrock Angeleyes of Skying was BIS-5 and the breedersgroup was BIS-4, what a day! Calle and Maya.

09.06.2007, Excalibur was BOB and Ferrari Enzo got his 5th CC and was best male-2 in Norrköping, judge mr. Robert Paust USA/Sweden.

03.06.2007, at the Greyhoundclubshow in Bosjökloster Excalibur was BOS, Rosso best male-3. Judge mr Nicklas Eriksson.

02.06.2007,at the sighthoundclubshow in Bosjökloster, Calle was BOS

26.05.2007, Excalibur has been to Norway and is now champion i Norway, judge was mr.Petter Fodstad.

24.05.2007, Excalibur and "Thea" Showline Silent Step is proud parents to 5 puppies 3+2 all darkbrindles at kennel Showline in Norway !!

22.05.2007, Showtime again, this time in south of Sweden, Hässleholm. on friday with Edwina Thomas SouthAfrica as judge our young Ferrari Rosso made his debut with 1 price and price of honour in juniorclass, his sister got 1 price and cc-quality and ended up 4th best bitch.Their bigsister Eagle Eyed Ewe was best bitch-3 both days.
on saturday it was nat. show and mr. Zimmermann from Germany was the judge, today I entered Excalibur he was best male and BOB, young Rosso ended as nr.3 best male, Berlinetta was best bitch nr.2 on a rainy day!!

13.05.2007, Me and Excalibur was at Int.Show in Österbybruk, Calle went BOS and got a new title Swed.Winner 2007, his younger brother Enzo Ferrari was best male-2 and got his 4th CC and still in juniorclass! proud owner Petronella Thunblom, knl. Quidditch.Judge was mr. Karl-Erik Johansson, Sweden.
Larv, BOB and BOS

06.05.2007,Berlinetta (Isa) and Excalibur went to Larv, a SKK-show Isa got price of honour and 1 price, "Calle" was BOB and nr 4 in Group, judges was mr.Lisboa from Portugal in breed and mrs. Rita Trainin from Israel in Groupfinal. BOS was the black bitch Trendy Addiction with CC.

28.04.2007 In Hilleröd, Denmark, Excalibur was BOB with CC and CACIB, group-3, Enzo Ferrari was best male-2 both boys qulifide for Crufts, Eagle Eyed Edhie was best bitch-2, judge was Eli-Marie Klepp, Norway.

26.4.2007 Our "Calle" Excalibur and Knut o Ceciles "Thea" Multi Champion Showline Silent Step are going to be parents in the end of may !!

21.4.2007 We had a successful weekend at Västerås with Excalibur as BOB and Enzo as Best Male 2 and CC ! Little Isa (Berlinetta) was Best Female 2 and got her first CC ! Judge Mr. Dusan Paunovic from Serbien / Montenegro. BOB and BOS in Stockholm

07.04.2007 Excalibur has been to int. show in Stockholm and was BOB ! Judge was mr. Jens Myrman, Sweden.

22.03.2007 Was Excalibur on date with a beutiful girl and we hope she will have puppies around 24.5.

18.03.2007 Skyings Eagle Eyed Ewe was nr 3 best bitch in Malmö int. show, judge was mrs. Kari Nylen, Norway. Well done Ewe and Alexandra!

10.03.2007 at CRUFTS today our Skyings Eagle Eyed Eila (Joyce) was nr.5 in open bitch-class, Judge Mrs. P J Lamport. We congratulate Bitte and Pierluigi, we are so proud of the young girl.
Joyce at Crufts 2007.

04.03.2007 Joyce is top-winning Greyhound in Italy after BOB and BIG-2 this weekend in Silvia Marina Int. Show, judge was mr. Di Lorentzo, Italy, we also congratulate "Axel" to his BEST IN SHOW !! BOS and BOB, Köping

25.02.2007 Joyce did it again! BOB at int. show in Ancona, Italy!!
and in Sweden at Sighthoundshow in Köping, Skyings Ferrari Enzo got his second CC and was best male and BOS (at 11 months of age)second best male was his big brother Excalibur, Berlinetta(Isa)was winning juniorclass with HP (price of honour) we are so proud.Judge mr.Jarmo Vourinen, Finland and BIS-junior judge Mrs. Andreja Novak, Slovenien.

18.02.2007 SuCH, ItCH Skyings Eagle Eyed Eila (Joyce) Was BOB and Group-3 at Int. Show in Padova, Judge mr. Guiseppi Alessandra, Italy and group Judge mr. Per Iversen, Norway.

27.01.2007 Excalibur and his littersister Fanny has been to Int. Top Dog Show in Åbo, Finland.Calle was best male-2 with CC and CACIB and is now also Champion in Finland.Fanny got a reserv-CC.Judge was mrs.Dubravka Reicher, Kroatia.
The same day their sister Joyce was BOB in Milano, Italy!

20.01.2007 At the Arezzo int. show in Italy, Joyce (It.CH, SuCH Skyings Eagle Eyed Eila)was BOB and at his showdebut Sobers Gandalph was BOS with cac and Cacib, judge was Mr. Bauchal, Italy.

15.01.2007 Enzo and Isa (Berlinetta)was BOB and BOS at Newfoundlandsclub puppyshow in Nyköping with over 700 entries this saturday, Enzo ended up as Group-1.

02.01.2007 The day before he was 10 months old Camillas most loved Morritz was out running on the fields playing, crashed and break his neck. We all give Camilla, Nicke and the boys our condolences for their lost of Skyings Ferrari on Dreaming Ocean (Morritz).

30.12.2006 Our Cadiac was nr:1 toppwinning stud-dog in Sweden 2006 and also nr:5 toppwinning male (at the age of 8 years) and his young son Excalibur was nr:2 top male, we are so proud of the old and young boys!

9.12.2006 At the big international show in Stockholm, Swedish Winnershow -06, Excalibur was BOS and CACIB and SvWinner 2006 and his younger brother Enzo on his first official show was best male-3 and he got his FIRST CC !!!! (9 months and 6 days old!)Judge mr Knut Blûtecher, Norway.

19.11.2006: ItCH, SuCH Skyings Eagle Eyed Eila was BOB, CACIB at in Viterbo, Italy, judge was sign. Staderini, Italy.

12.11.2006:Skyings Ferrari Enzo is BOB and BIS-4 puppy at SVVKs show in Sjuntorp,breed-judge was Denys Simpson, Irland and BIS-judge was Gina Simpson, Wales !

5.11.2006: SuCH Skyings Excalibur was BOS and CACIB at Växjö int. show, judge was David Allen, Spain.

21.10.2006: Skyings Ferrari Enzo is BOB and BIS-2 puppy at SVVKs offic. show at Hågelby, Stockholm and our Skyings Ferrari Berlinetta BOS puppy and their big brother SuCH Skyings Excalibur went BOB and BIS!!!!!!!!!!! Breed judge Ingela Kyrklund, Sweden and Kari Salminen, Finland was BIS judge.

27.09.2006: Skyings Ferrari Bertone (Tom Tom) was BIS-3 at puppy show all breeds Judge was mr. Boo Lundström, Sweden.

16.09.2006 Skyings Ferrari Bertone was BOB- Puppy in Vetlanda, judge was mrs. Tina Permo, Sweden.

26.08.2006 Skyings Ferrari Bertone was BOB-Puppy in Tingsryd, judge was ms. Monica Wall, Sweden.