Sobers Cadiac

Sobers Cadiac is born 20.2.1998, hes father is Sobers Zenith (a son to our CH Sobers Santaro) and mother was CH Hickory´s Nautica, Caddie and I has travel a lot and we had a lot fun during our traveling and meet a lot of nice people !Enjoy some memorys with us.

Caddie with handler Marc Linnér in Nyköping, photo:Lillemor Böös !
Caddie and Mark in Laröd. Caddie on Crufts Myself and Caddie on special in Norway BEST IN SHOW ! Int.Show all breeds, with breeder Bitte Ahrens, photo:Lillemor Böös
BEST IN SHOW ! Greyhounspecial at Tammsvik, judge mr.Bo Bengtson, USA. BOB and BOS-Veteran, judge David Wong Caddie BIS-R veteran, Västerås 2005. Photo:Lillemor Böös. Caddie over 10 years, april 2008.
Caddie with son Skyings Ferrari Enzo, sept Inger J.
Caddie want more snow! 27.11.2008.